Initial answer October 2015 DNS settings can cause connections to delay starting.. your wifi router tells connected devices what DNS servers to use. Your computer, tablet or phone will use them in the order given.

Fast Connection but slow Downloads - Telstra CrowdSupport The speed is fine but the download is so slow that I can't download my emails and dropbox can not connect at all. But when I switch to my portable wifi - everything is working fine. I have reset my modem, brought a new modem and set it up and still have the same issue. My internet speed is good, but firefox download is very I have a shared WiFi internet connection with 54.0 Mbps speed. Internet speed is good but Firefox installer downloads Firefox at very slow speed. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes in downloading Firefox. Please fix the problem if it is occurring through your end, else do tell me what can I … Internet Speed Classifications | What is a Good Internet

Internet Speed Problems: What's Wrong with my Internet Speed?

WiFi Suddenly Slow? Best Ways To Fix Slow WiFi Speeds

Apr 08, 2020

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