From our Ventrilo server to our multitude of game servers, Clanwarz provides an unbeatable service for our thousands of members across the globe. The web interface is extremely user friendly, and customer support is extremely responsive and happy to accommodate special requests.

Installed in Minutes, Online 24x7 The advantage of the Ventrilo client over many other VOIP clients is that you can chat to anyone using your keyboard shortcut while other applications are running in the foreground. The Ventrilo server comes in two flavours. Firstly you have the public version which is free but has a limited amount of slots. Public Server Ventrilo Options. Public server Ventrilo is commonly used in households and for online gaming. In a household, Ventrilo allows you to converse verbally over the Internet while sharing pictures or data, checking your email, or while surfing the web. Businesses are more inclined to purchase a private Ventrilo server. Mar 06, 2020 · After setting up the servers, you can select what one you want to connect to in the Server drop-down list. After setting up your User Name and Server(s), configure some additional Ventrilo settings to optimize your usage of Ventrilo. To do this, click the Setup button, as shown below, on the main Ventrilo program window to open the Setup window. Mar 17, 2013 · PUBLIC VENTRILO SERVER BY VENTRILO.CO SETTING UP A ND JOINING VENTRILO FOR THE FIRST TIME STEP ONE: Download and install the correct version of

Hi I am element. I have a free 50 slot high quality ventrilo server for use. I did not want it to go to waist so i made it public. Anyone is allowed to use it for gaming or just to chat with friends. I have about 20 slots open max right now. You can have as many channels as you need. "Be sure to talk with the head admin about channels".

Servers come in two flavors: Public and Pro version. The Public version is freely downloadable and can be used without paying a license fee in accordance to the LICENSE file included with each of the server distributions. Public version. The Public version of the server is hard coded to 8 slots per instance, one instance per machine and port 3784. Aug 07, 2009 · I own a ventrilo server, feel free to use it! IP: Port: 6523 ventrilo is a free chat program, and please use this. My clan takes priority over random people, so if it fills, sorry mates:P Also, custom hon people, please use this:D its a 25 man server. Public Ventrilo and Mumble Servers for D3 Hey everyone, I have two 50 user voice chat servers that my fan site uses and I am opening them up for everyone to use for D3 as well. Since there is no integrated voice chat in D3 yet I want to do what I can to ensure everyone has a voice chat server they can use to play D3 with their friends.

At this point you should be able to fire up a ventrilo client and connect to your server using your servers local ip (inside network) or external ip from outside of your network. Remember the port will be 3784. 17K likes. Provider of Ventrilo, Mumble and TeamSpeak. Jan 20, 2010 · For those who don't know, ventrilo is a multi-user voice chat program. Its particularly helpful in warband because of the lack of a quick communication system in game. I'm sure there are a lot more vent servers for warband than I personally know of, and I'm hesitant to volunteer other server information without approval from the owners, so I'll Ventrilo is a scalable Voice over IP (VoIP) communications system that solves a lot of the problems associated with network latency, packet loss, uptime and administration. This is the password that you will use to create channels, ban/kick users, and setup special permissions for users. This password should NOT be shared with anyone. It must be different from the Join Password.