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Aug 12, 2016 Safari suddenly not working on iMac and M… - Apple Community Jul 31, 2014 Safari not working? How to troubleshoot your problems Close Safari App and re-open to check if Private browsing is working again. Disable Screen Time Passcode on your iPhone or iPad and see if it allows you to use the private browsing feature Start with Settings > Screen Time > Change Screen Time Passcode. How to fix Safari not working on Mac? - MacPaw Why Safari isn't working on Mac? Apple has devoted a lot of efforts to create one of the most used …

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Safari Not Loading images on Mac/MacBook: macOS Big Sur

Dec 19, 2018 · When Safari is operating optimally, you’ll hardly ever have to watch Indiana Jones and the Endlessly Rotating Multicolor Wheel of Doom. However, when Safari is not responding, sometimes you just need to let it take a moment. It could be that a web page is loading a heavy script or your Mac’s resources are currently focused on another task.

Tradingview not working in Mac after last Safari Update Oct 15, 2017 Copy and Paste Not Working on Mac? Let's See How to Fix It Dec 30, 2019 Can't close a tab in Safari? Here's a work-around that If you visit a scammy website in Safari on iPhone, or iPad, or on your macOS laptop/desktop, you may find yourself unable to close any of its tabs. We know of a work-around that is confirmed working. Check it out after the jump. Scammy websites – like those that sell you questionable pills, products and porn […] "Reset Safari" not working like it should | Mac-Forums